Pilates to feel good weekend retreats 

Retreat by the sea

Retreat by the sea

You’re invited to a Pilates to feel good weekend Retreat with me, would love to create this for you (& perhaps a friend too)

A 2 day Pilates to feel good weekend retreat in beautiful Poole, Dorset helps you to feel good in your back, whole body, relaxation & happiness. 

A retreat is perfect me time to de-stress in mind & body, take some time for you & feel good in your body.

A tailored Pilates one to two pilates retreat will help you 

- Do the best exercises for you 

- Avoid the ones that won’t help 

- Get the quality of your life back & feel good quicker 

* strengthen your back

* improve your core stability,

* Better flexibility & posture

* Tone your whole body 

* Relax 

Your Pilates retreat is very relaxing, (it’s not about going for the burn), including the lovely smell of essential oils such as lavender to help you as a whole in a holistic way. 

It’s not just about the body. Every class you finish with a longer relaxation tucked up in a cosy, soft blanket. 

Learning how to incorporate Pilates into your lifestyle & how to confidently practice at home to feel good. Includes a personalised programme you can practice at home. 

Time 12-5pm on Saturday

 & Sunday 10-3pm

- Includes 2 longer 1 1/4 hour Pilates classes per day & deep relaxation for deeper results 

- A chance to work on your specific needs at home & work 

- lunch, delicious juices or smoothies, snacks & refreshments, all vegan (& dietary requirements provided for)

- a personalised Pilates to feel good programme to take home. 

• a 1 hour massage on the Saturday 

- a relaxation gift to take home so you can deeply relax easily at home & relaxation audio to take home for calm, peace & relaxation in body & mind 

Venue: pure chill studio 89 Salterns Rd, Poole Dorset BH14 8BL (next to sandbanks road, so close to the beautiful beach & harbour)

Retreats are such an incredible thing, have been running them for over 20 years now & it’s nice as you’re taking dedicated time out so helps with deeper results & you can both improve quicker, relax & Re charge.

Look forward to teaching & inspiring you with Pilates 

Simply email or telephone to book in or find out more about the retreats.

Love Bev