Welcome to my site. I created Pilates to Feel Good for you to feel better with Pilates and make your body and mind feel better.


Why Pilates?

Pilates is for you if:

  • You’re tired of your back pain, prolapsed disc or injury.

  • You want your quality of life back.

  • You’re stressed.

My Sessions Can Help you:

  • Improve core stability.

  • Improve posture and flexibility.

  • Tone your whole body.

  • Relax in our 5 minute relaxations.

About my Sessions

My Pilates sessions are gentle, kind, nurturing, super relaxing, and caring. It’s not just about the body. Every session, you finish with a 5 minute relaxation.

Learn how to incorporate Pilates into your lifestyle & how to confidently practice at home make all the difference to get deeper, long lasting benefits & increased quality of life.

You can contact me and book a session here.