How to have more Body awareness & less tension

I noticed lately a bad habit that creates even more tension which I’m going to share with you in a minute. When I’m teaching & doing Pilates I’m one hundred percent mindful & aware of what I’m doing with my body, that’s what you want to do too. Easy when you’re in a lesson and being corrected by a good teacher.

But then what what happens for the other, 7 days a week?

What happens to the 24 hours in a day?

Well to get the most benefits from Pilates it’s best to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Apparently footballer David Beckman does Pilates an hour a day which is great to hear! But you don’t have to do a whole hour a day to get great results.


How to reduce tension when you’re driving?

I may have been doing Pilates a very long time, over 23 years but there’s still SO much to learn, especially squashing bad habits. I used to be a very tense & stressed driver, feeling much better about driving now. I’ve noticed though that when my hands are on the steering wheel that my right hand is much higher up the steering wheel, working my right side of my body much more & tensing my neck.

So I’ve been addressing this bit by bit, sometimes it takes a bit of time to address habits that may be causing tension & pain.

Also I’ve noticed at times driving I start to lean forward rather than keeping a relaxed upright posture with my back supported by the seat.

What’s your posture like when you’re driving? At the computer? Or when you’re on your iPhone?!!! (Well that’s a whole other blog isn’t it!!?


If you’re inspired give yourself permission to improve your posture. You’re muscles will thank you for it, there will be less tension & you’ll be able to relax your muscles more easily.

How to sit better in the car, at your desk or chair:

  • Sit with your bottom at the back of the chair,

  • Have your back at the back of the chair & your head lengthened, like you’ve got helium balloons through the top of your head

  • feet hip width apart (in the car it has to be comfortable & the right position for you)

  • in a chair sit with your feet under your knees, hip with apart (ideally no crossing your legs)


After a long drive, sitting for too long take a Stretch such as this gentle back stretch, breathe, relax & take 5 breaths in & out.

Enjoy this gentle neck stretch

How to do another amazing neck stretch; look at your armpit!! 01202 808947 & Disclaimer: Consult your medical practitioner before trying these exercises and do not try if you have an injury.

Really hope this gentle Pilates neck stretch helps you too. Only takes 30 seconds. Practicing little & often may really help you too.

Thanks for reading & hope today’s blog helps you be more body aware & have less tension to feel good with Pilates

Love Bev