Retreat with Pilates

Pilates is liking going on a retreat every single lesson, you’re taking time for YOU, for your body & mind. It’s a place to de stress & unwind & BE, but a class for an hour can only help you relax & de stress so much & that’s where an actual weekend get away can really come in handy – to indulge in longer classes, more stretching, more relaxation, a time to really release your muscles & to tame that monkey mind, infuse your mind with positivity, calm & relaxation.

Combined with gentle back neck & shoulder massages, incredible tasty healthy food, energising juices, smoothies to invigorate you from the inside out I felt it was time to offer this time of essential back care, muscle care & it’s like an MOT & service for you.


We MOT our cars, but why not you too. You get more out of your Pilates when you take dedicated time out, you’re not rushing from work to the children or straight back on your I phone!! A little holiday from social media.

You get a chance to indulge in longer classes, deeper relaxation, small groups of maximum 6 clients on each retreat- retreats will be announced in the future.

  • Relax

  • Re-charge

  • Tone up

  • Release your muscles

  • Stretch your muscles

  • Strengthen your core

  • Strengthen your back

  • Improve your posture

  • Have fun

  • Make new friends

  • Learn how to incorporate Pilates into your lifestyle, practice easily at home & feel great

  • Improve your mood, happiness & energy levels

Perhaps you’ve been through some past or current big or small stress? Bereavement or injury, prolapsed disc or another form of injury, and want a retreat that can look after you properly. I would love to help & inspire you.