How pilates can help improve bad posture

What actually is bad posture? Well there are different types of bad posture, sometimes it can be a fleeting moment when you’re feeling exhausted and you slump or when you’ve been upset & crying yet as soon as you feel better such as having a good nights sleep you’re back to normal and you’re posture has bounced back!!

However this is often not the case. One type of posture problem is called kyphosis, this is when the posture has become ‘round shouldered’, a slouch, slumped posture

what does it look like?


Round shouldered, kyphotic posture. This is a picture of my Dad before his last 1 hour Pilates lesson with me

Big improvement in posture after 1 hours pilates

Big improvement in posture after 1 hours pilates

Some of the causes of bad posture are:



depression & low mood


lifestyle habits such as bending over a desk with poor posture

lack of exercise & body awareness

sedentary lifestyle

too much driving & desk work with poor posture

the list goes on.

Can you relate to any of these?

What happens to your body with this type of poor posture?

The chest & shoulder muscles get very tight & the back muscles become weaker & you may find you have tense & tight muscles & a very stiff neck. Sometimes it leads to back pain & back problems.

Its good to have a quick analysis of your posture in your first consultation or lesson, understanding how certain stretches & exercises will help you. Although the other thing to remember that practice is key.

Was inspired to film you this video today of how pilates can improve bad posture, 3 exercises & a stretch for you to join in with: watch here;


Positive affirmations of the week for you to enjoy each day: I have good posture 

My posture is improving 

When I sit and stand tall I feel happy and my back feels stronger 

perhaps write them on a post it note to remind you

Or you can always purchase the happy kids cards which are as good for you as the children!! Because it’s about mindset too, combining the two is magic.

I need to get off my phone now & go & stretch, stretch my legs & back & get a cup of tea!!

Really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, comment if it’s helped or inspired you.

Love Bev 

Beverley Densham 

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