5 tips to prevent muscle spasms & back pain.

Muscle spasms in the back & how Pilates can help. Pilates can help prevent muscle spasms. Heres 5 tips to prevent muscle spasms & back pain.

muscle spasms are a nightmare as they are agony, kind of paralyse you as it hurts so much if you breathe too deep or move too much it hurts, it makes you want to shrink & retreat from the world & do nothing. Yet you have to do something about it.

It’s often (not always) caused by poor fitness levels & doing an every day activity such as picking up the grandchildren, getting something out of a draw, working at a computer or desk all week with horrendous posture & few breaks & lifting heavy bags & suddenly ‘it goes’. You’ll have found you may have slipped into a few bad habits that you can’t recognise yourself & that’s when it’s useful to seek a qualified & good Pilates teachers help like myself. But first things first you may need to seek the advice of your local GP, physio, osteopath & chiropractor. The NHS website has useful tips too.

Today was inspired to film this for you, Muscle spasms in the back & how Pilates can help. Watch here or on my pilates to feel good Facebook page.

1 enjoy a hot shower or bath

2 move , go for a gentle walk, keep moving

3 relax, put on a relaxation or meditation to de stress

4 improve your posture

check your chair is straight to the desk

sit with your bottom at the back of the chair, cushion behind your low back or lumbar support

feet under knees, knees in line with hips

don’t slouch !

Take regular breaks

5 enjoy some shoulder shrugs - sitting or standing tall, shrug your shoulders up to your ears then drop them down. Repeat 5 times

join in below in the video on my pilates to feel good YOU Tube channel

& remember this time will pass, it will get easier, it’s worth investing in your mind & body

hope to see you at Pilates

Love Bev 

Beverley Densham 

Pilates expert 

Specialise in helping people with their backs to feel good